A Week from Monday, A book by Viaindustriae and Rousrecords, 2020, curated bu Alice Mazzarella
68 pp., 14,5×17 cm, stampa bn, quattro colori/bw, color printing, ita/en
libro+cd/book+cd 2021
ISBN 978-88-97753-69-8


Artist Residencies

Holydays Festival is a music festival that investigates the best and sought after Italian and international independent scene (indie, alternative, electronic); started in 2015 as an itinerant in the Umbrian territory, it then settled in 2019 in Scopoli (PG), a mountain area in the municipality of Foligno. The 2020 edition took place through a production residency between sound and visual art. Three musicians, Laura Agnusdei, Matteo Pennesi and Luca Sguera, and the two artists Giacomo Infantino and Francesca Ruberto have been invited to develop a project over the course of a week, which will then be produced and presented “in situ” on the occasion of the 2021 edition by Holydays Festival.

The call, curated by Viaindustriae, was aimed at selecting visual artists able to build an integrated relationship with music production and site-specific planning that broadens the
rural-mountain physical context to the ephemeral-sound scenario that the festival proposes through its resonance “box”. The theme emerges from the title of the project,” A week from monday “which” cites not lite rally “a theoretical book by John Cage (A Year from Monday, lectures & writings), a real agenda of work of thought, composition, writing, landscape between image and sound. The artists spent a week in the Menotre valley, in the heart of the Umbrian Apennines, near Foligno (PG), housed within the anti-seismic houses of the Scopoli faction. The Menotre river starts at 800 km in height, it makes its way up the mountain through the rock and inaccessible places, until it “falls” near the locality of Pale, forming beautiful waterfalls. Thus it becomes one of the most evocative areas of the Umbrian-Marches Apennines, scattered with pleasant places and villages that seem to have stood still in time. The waters have always made the fortune of the valley, since the first colonies of inhabitants. The monks who settled in these places they developed many activities using water mills. In the Middle Ages the Pale paper was famous throughout Italy for high quality: the first printing of Dante’s Divine Comedy took place in Goligno in 1442 with the paper from the Pale paper mills.


A Week from Monday 2020 - Simulated Umbresya / Sleep Over - Music: Laura Agnusdei, Matteo Pennesi, Luca Sguera - Video: Giacomo Infantino, Francesca Ruberto - Recording and Mixing: Lorenzo Mazzarella, Carlo Iannuziello - Mastering: Claudio Adamo - Production: Holydays, Viaindustriae.

Thanks to historical research on the place and through the practice of photography and video, the two artists have documented their suggestions, making their bodies and those of the musicians perform in a strong contact with the nature of the landscape. The mountains and the river thus become the input for the investigation and reinterpretation of the territories visited. The photographic work stands as the testimony of a visual and sensorial experience of the two artists, centered on dreams and revelation, aimed at identifying different symbolic and primordial elements such as water, the cave, animals, music and the mysteries that arouse such places, in the past crossed by mystical characters and artists: the saint Angela of Foligno, of particular interest to the two as, in her book of the Experience, she tells of how her illumination led to the renewal of her body and its over-elevation; Mirella Bentivoglio, Italian artist and poetess, who in 1985, in the cave of Monte Cucco near Gubbio, fixed an egg entirely armed in iron on a natural calcareous base, the first symbolic structure to be found in the underground world as a sign of conservation of the origin; Hidetoshi Nagasawa, a sculptor artist who spent endless moments between the towns of Cancelli and Civitella and in his garden, and who painted “The White Sun” on the facade of a house facing the viewpoint of the valley.
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