Born in San Giovanni Rotondo (FG), she graduated cum laude from the Faculty of New Art Technologies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.
Now he attended the master in Photography at the same. Through the use of photographic and video media, Francesca Ruberto's research embraces the anthropological themes of the territories of the Gargano region, southern Italy, and the Tabernas region, southern Spain: a continuous investigation between the arid landscape and its inhabitants. The flatness of the habitable areas, and the boundless sterile fields and lands that cover the provinces, dominate and influence the resilient characters of the men who populate these places. Thanks to the author's memorabilia, the performative actions of the subjects and the documentation of places where the stale air of the underworld hovers, represented as an ambiguous and suspicious safari, Francesca expresses the concept of resilience, survival, existence and cultural heritage the photographic imaginary, in which the infinite suspension applies. Time and its slowness dictate the law of memory and its death. The gesture of tracing, of dominating, of sculpting social and territorial limits is the maximum sacrifice aimed at the symbolic re-appropriation of presence, but which at the same time focuses on the failure and infertility of life and its meaning.


"Il fotolibro nel panorama dell'editoria indipendente" - workshop with Tommaso Parrillo – Witty Books, Milano -IT
MA in Photography - Brera Academy - Milan, IT
BA in Art and Media - Brera Academy - Milan, IT

2020 Selected for “A Week From Monday”, Ideated by Viaindustriae in collaboration with Holydays Festival, Scopoli/Foligno, IT

-A Week From Monday, Book published by Viaindustriae Publishing, Foligno, IT (ISBN 978-88-97753-69-8)
-Battute di Caccia on OmbraMagazine:
-Battute di Caccia on Conceptual Projects:

Exhibitions, Projets, Collaborations

- "Sagres, the end of the World" video exhibition for Labirinto Urbano curated by Metoché, promoted by Art City Bologna, at Cappella di Santa Maria dei Carcerati
-Maratona di Visione | 3º Rassegna Online di Videoarte, curated by Alberto Ceresoli. Represented by Osservatorio Futura, Turin. IT
-NSIGHT-OUT curated by Presa Multipla – Roberto Caielli Studio, Daverio / Insight Foto Festival, Varese, IT
-BRAERAKLASSE#5 - IPER ESTERNO INTERNO, CAREOF PROJECT / Walk In Studio, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano - IT
-“Nello spazio fa freddo” - Collective exhibitions at Chippendale Studio curated by Giorgio Barbetta, Chiara Caratti, Monica Cattani, Laura
Davì, Luca Panaro, Arianna Sollazzo, Ilaria Sponda, Milano - IT
-23.500 TIMES,video, semi finalist at “60 Second Intl. Film Festival 2020” - Islamabad, PK
-23.500 TIMES,video, Screening on VisualcontainertTV - International Videoart ChanneL curated by Kerry Baldry - London, UK

-Performer di "Aladino è stato catturato" e "Lost in meditation", opere performative dell'artista Cesare Viel, in mostra al PAC con la
personale "CESARE VIEL PIU' NESSUNO DA NESSUNA PARTE, a cura di Diego Sileo
-Esposizione del progetto video "Sagres, the End of the World" presso Centrale Festival 2019, a cura di Luca Panaro, a Fano e a Lucera
2018 -Performance e Installazione sonora dal titolo "Caduta Libera" presso lo studio Ariella Vidach AIEP, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
2017 -Assistente e videomaker per la mostra "Nature" di Thomas de Falco e per la performance "Intricacy", a cura di Laura Cherubini, tenutasi
presso la "Triennale" di Milano
-Esposizione dell'istallazione "UMOO" per il Salone del Mobile 2017, in collaborazione con PANASONIC presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di
Brera, Milano




Milan, Italy




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