Battute di Caccia

"Battute di caccia" is a project that investigates the territories of the province of Foggia, in particular the Gargano. An area of ​​chains, not very high peaks, corroded by northern winds, with gorges, ravines, with a torrid Mediterranean climate and sterile soil. The research creates a dialogue between the territory and its inhabitants. The flatness of the habitable areas, and the boundless fields and barren lands that cover the provinces, dominate and influence the characters resilient of the men who populate these places. Thanks to the author's memorabilia, the performative actions of the subjects and the documentation of places in which the stale air of the underworld and abandonment hovers, represented as a safari with an ambiguous and suspicious tone, the author expresses the concept of resilience, survival, existence and cultural heritage through the photographic imagination, in which there is an infinite suspension and waiting for events.
Time and its slowness dictate the law of memory and its death.“Battute di Caccia/ Hunting Trips” implicitly stages the silent dynamics of criminals residing in the Gargano. A documentation path of the nature of the place and of what it hides: from succulent plants and burnt trunks in the so-called "masserie" to the bauxite and tuff quarries. The places crossed e photographed, those adjacent to the quarries, are real cemeteries of carcasses and bodies without gravestones. The work is proposed with a dreamlike narrative accent and symbolic but at the same time investigating the landscape and specific places in where bodies or other types of traces were found.

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